Vessels and equipment
     available for work
anywhere on the
       Australian coast or around the world.


At Global Marine & Engineering we have a fleet of well equipped vessels capable of handling most types of marine operations, including towage, salvage, dive support, crew transfer, environmental, dredge support, barge work and more.

Global Constructor

Self Propelled Giant Multicat/Barge
47m x 19.7m x 2.15m
Excellent for mooring installations

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Global Yorktown

29.54 Twin Screw Anchor Handling Tug
Bollard Pull 37 tons over stern, 32 tons over bow

Currently Available for Charter
from $8000 per day plus mobilisation

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Global Rotor

29.36M Voith Drive Tug with 16 tonne bollard pull

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Global Surveyor

Purpose deigned Hydrographical Survey vessel. Excellent passenger carrying capabilities.

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Global Supplier

A versatile vessel, excellent for towing Jack-Ups and environmental work. Fitted with the new removable 'A' frame.

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Global Venture

12M Fast Versatile Vessel with shallow draft suitable for personal and stores delivery etc. Canopy and seating for 12 passengers.

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Global Dawn

16M Tug

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Global Blue Thunder

9.2M Fast Passenger Vessel, carries up to 6 Passengers + 2 Crew
37 knots Cruise 27 knots

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Reef Prince

Accommodation Vessel
48 plus 10 Crew

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Accommodation Vessel
24 plus 4 Crew

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Royal Evolution

39M Accommodation Vessel
24 plus 16 Crew

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Jack Up 3

Heavy duty piling barge or work platform

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Damen Shoalbuster 2609

26.02m tug with Moon Pool 800x600 mm
Towing Winch 50t @ 6 m/min

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Z-Peller Nimble

29.95M with 60 tonne bollard pull

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Tuff Punt

7.5m vessel good for 12 + 1 personnel transfers
5.5m version carries 7 + 1 personnel

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